The time has come for you to plan your child’s enrollment or renewal in nursery or kindergarten.

Teaching and developing children from 3 months to 6 years old, if completed until March 31st, Ponto Omega- Centro de Cuidados Infantis has for 34 years offered a greater ideal, the ideal of enabling children under our care to have a happy childhood providing, among other things, that they elaborate their psychic constitution, making a proper reading of the world, since the reading of the world proceeds the reading of the word, as Paulo Freire once said.

The work we develop is unique in many ways:

1) with our eyes focused on the singularity of each child, all our work is permeated by affection, trust and safety;

2) educational practices (pedagogical projects) structured around games and ludical activities, help the children to appropriate the written language, to meet their own demands, integrating playing and writing – it is “playing with letters”;

3) option of learning a second language;

4) open from 07h00 to 20h00 from January 05th . We do not extend the holidays;

5) supply of internal uniform, regardless of the season, for the children to be able to play freely without getting their clothes dirty, in addition to the bedding and bath. We have an exclusive laundry to wash all the clothes used by the children during the day at Ponto Omega;

6) an impeccable kitchen from where at least four fresh daily meals, with organic vegetables, fowl eggs, chicken and more come out ….

7) Baby sitter available to meet the child at home.

At the right age, competence and maturity, after the closure of the last year in Ponto Omega (Level V), children will be able to enter the 2nd year of the “Fundamental” of any school.

Colégio Gracinha, Escola Lourenço Castanho, PlayPen Bilingual Education and Stance Dual School are our partners, always attuned to our ethical, critical and reflective thinking.

Consider Ponto Omega when you think of a school for your children!

After all, every child deserves a school as Ponto Omega – the best part in your child´s education!