CRAWLING IN ENGLISH – Play time in English:

It allows the children to learn English while playing. For 4 hours every day, children have a total immersion in the language, using features such as games and activities. This way, going to a bilingual school or living abroad will not be a problem anymore.


Telling and retelling fairy tales are very enriching activities. They allow the children to give wings to their imagination, to expand vocabulary, to learn how to locate in time the facts and arrange them in sequence, as well as to confront concepts such as good and evil.

Once a month, a ” Scheherazade” brings to the children tales, fables, enchanted kingdoms with their princes and princesses, fairies and witches, heroes and antiheroes in this vast universe of imagination and fantasy.


Grasping this vast world around us is the primary objective of the tours taking place at Ponto Omega, once a month.

In addition to exploring new challenges and overcoming these new spaces, children learn a lot about the respect for nature, biodiversity, animals and plants, as well as exploring trails and unusual activities. Concepts of autonomy, independence and responsibility are also presented and discussed in the group. Without Mom and Dad around everything is different.

Vacation Course

What can I do when I’m on vacation but my parents are still working?

Stay in school and participate in special programs to enjoy the holidays. Art workshops, cooking classes and many other subjects are explored during the holidays, according to a special script. Children can come to school and participate in recreational activities, take swimming lessons and even perhaps make a cantonment …

Just book in July and January.