If your child has 6 years of age until March 31th she already can go to Elementary School, but if she had so after March 31th, she can and must stay at Pre-School, enjoying, playing and learning more and more.

Stance Dual school

Bilingual school that provides the experience of English language content, while promoting a critical and creative thinking in their students, enabling them to interact with knowledge, as they discover and create new ways of thinking.

Escola Nossa Senhora das Graças – Gracinha

70 years working for a balanced equation between traditional and new, making the pedagogical practice a cutting-edge experience in the formation of the students.

Play Pen Bilingual Education – Choose the world

At 36, Play Pen is a reference in bilingual education. It provides students with a broad and integrated curriculum that aims to achieve the highest standards of competence in education, anticipating forms of insertion within the framework of social, cultural and work relations, forming students who value critical thinking and the ability to make decisions.

Escola Lourenço Castanho

A school marked by projects that extrapolate the work with the contents produced by the large areas of knowledge investing in the development, autonomy, criticism and analysis of the social dimension built by children in connection with knowledge.

Ponto Omega always values sports.

4 Fit – Academia de Natação

Infant swimming can be started from 2 years old. It works technique, strengthening of the cardiorespiratory system, socialization, psychomotor development, construction of the body schema and the child’s maturation process.

In partnership with 4Fit Academy, Ponto Omega offers the teaching/learning of swimming in a relaxing, pleasant, and efficient way, and with measurable results, favoring fun, health promotion, and especially the learning of technical swimming through a special program and suitable for children, taught by professional experts in child swimming.

Olympic gymnastics

The purpose of the practice of Gymnastics is to give opportunity to the child to live diversified experiences, situations and movements to develop body awareness, agility and skill, in addition to stimulating specific development power, strength and flexibility.

Destined to all children, it assists the training of individuals in the biological, psychological and social aspect. In Yashi – Academia de Ginastica Olimpica, children explore their moving needs, and receive a natural stimulus to growth.