• Full-time

    7h00AM to 7h30PM

  • Part-time Morning

    8h00AM to 12h00PM

  • Part-time afternoon

    13h00PM to 17h00PM

  • Expanded period morning

    8h00AM to 14h00PM

  • Expanded period afternoon

    11h00AM to 17h00PM

  • Part full time period

    8h00AM to 16h00PM

Expanded schedule: WHAT IS IT?

If the mother can get to work later, why not enjoy the child in the morning, in a warm sunbath and bring the child to Ponto Omega after having enjoyed this moment?

11 o’clock is ideal. The child arrives, warms-up, has lunch, takes a nap and gets ready for the afternoon activities. Thus preserving the relationship between mother and child and between child and school.

Ps: Ponto Omega works on all extended holidays including when the optional ones.